About PCRD

The Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue-PCRD is a non-profit organization that focuses on development issues, democracy and civic education out of its conviction for the necessity of building a Palestinian democratic society based on pluralism and citizenship.

The center strongly works towards interaction among various cultures and civilizations for promoting Palestinian culture worldwide and for exchanging values with other cultures.

The center also works on disseminating civilized and peaceful concepts of resolving conflicts within the Palestinian society, and thinks highly of the youth’s capacity in changing things on the ground. That is why we work with youth to get them involved in the development process.

The PCRD emphasizes thinking out of the box i.e. to avoid the conventional and stereotyped way of thinking for it to be more instrumental in the development and democratic process.

Organizational Structure 

The PCRD carries out its activities through its main office in Bethlehem and through a team of employees and volunteers throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The PCRD has a board of directors and an executive body.